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Tuition and Fees

How much do lessons cost?

All music and academic lessons are priced at $30 per half hour, to be paid in advance. Payment secures the booking. Payments can be made by cash or direct deposit into the following account:

BSB: 814282

A/C: 31270179

Ref: SurnameFirstname

What happens on the day of my lesson?

A reminder sms will be sent to your nominated mobile number by:

  • 8am on the day of the lesson (for weekdays)
  • 6pm Friday (for Saturdays).
What happens if I can’t make it to my scheduled lesson?

If you are unable to attend the lesson, please reply to the sms by:

  • 9am (for weekdays)
  • 7pm (for Saturdays).

If you become unwell or have extenuating circumstances on the day of the lesson, please contact us as soon as possible. No payments will be forfeited if adequate notice is given or you’re experiencing extenuating circumstances. You may prefer to postpone your scheduled lesson until the next week or organise a make-up lesson.

How do lessons work?

Most lessons are half an hour long. This provides enough time to revise prior work and take in new information or techniques for later practice. Longer sessions are helpful when:

  • Practice and revision of music or academic work at home is limited
  • Students have progressed beyond an introductory level / preparing for recital or exams
How are lessons structured?

Music lessons contain different types of practical and theoretical components. The amount of theory covered in lessons will depend on each individual student, and factors such as:

  • Age
  • Instrument of choice
  • Personal goals
  • Interest in exams now or at a future time

Academic lessons are designed to assist you to feel confident with your immediate subject material, whether that’s classwork, homework or assessment. This may require going over previous content that has been missed or rushed over. Once confidence has been attained, the lessons focus on helping you develop overall mastery of your subject.