Resources for Music Lessons

Resources for Guitar Lessons
For best results it is ideal to have your own guitar and a pick to bring along to lessons, but if you're just starting out we keep a few guitars in store for students to use just in case. Arties Music Max (next door) stock the same kind of guitars, which helps give a good idea of what sort of instrument to pick up as a learner. We have amplifiers in each room if you happen to use an electric guitar as well, so you can get the best learning experience possible.
Recommended Method Book: Progressive Guitar Method
Resources for Drum Lessons
We have a standard size drum kit set up in store, so the only equipment you need bring along for your lessons with us is a pair of drum sticks. All students should start out with 5A drum sticks, and any brand is fine (though we would recommend Promark, Zildjian, or Vic Firth as a good starting point). A folder is an optional extra, just in case your teacher writes out some manuscript especially for you. Having a practice pad for home is also great for practice, and we keep one set up at the shop for demonstration.
Recommended Method Book: Rhythm Section Drumming
Resources for Piano Lessons
A+ Music Academy currently has two full size, weighted key digital pianos in store, so a healthy pair of hands is all you need to get started. Having each piano with weighted keys is especially useful to those who have an acoustic piano to practice on at home, giving a reliable experience of playing on a traditional piano. Arties Music Max (next door) stock the newest and best in keyboards and digital pianos for you learning needs, so be sure to pay them a visit between lessons.
Recommended Method Book: John Thompson Modern Piano Course
Resources for Band Instruments
In terms of jazz or classical 'band' instruments (strings, brass, woodwind, etc.), simply bringing your instrument along with your method book is essentially all you need. One possible extra would be a simple folder in case the teacher should provide you with any extra worksheets or manuscripts. We do have our own recommended method books, but we realise many students are already commencing or undertaking school programs - so whichever is already suggested in those instances are ideal to work with, and our teachers will happily accommodate.
Recommended Method Book: Essential Elements 2000 (caters for all band instruments)