Tuition and Fees

How much do lessons cost?
All music lessons are priced at $25 per half hour, to be paid in advance. If you pay for 4 or more lessons in advance you will also receive a 10% discount for all lessons.

In general customers prefer to pay in blocks of 4 per student, to cover a typical monthly period.
What happens if I can't make it to my scheduled lesson?
If a student is absent due to illness or other commitments, and provides adequate notice for their cancellation then no payments will be forfeited.

Students may prefer to simply postpone their scheduled lesson until the next week or later date, or organise a make-up lesson.
How do lessons work?
Most lessons are one on one and half an hour long. This provides enough time to revise of prior work and take in new information or technique for later practice. Longer sessions are helpful when:
How are lessons structured?
Music lessons contain different types of practical and theoretical components. The amount of theory covered in lessons will depend on each individual student, and factors such as: