A+ Music Academy was born in 2014 with a great team of teachers and a desire to bring an appreciation of music and all the benefits it conveys into our local community. With many different instrumental teachers on staff, we have music lessons running every day of the week, with most instruments available across multiple days.

Our teachers tutor students of all ages and backgrounds, and can help you achieve your own specific goals with your instrument of choice. Whether you would like to learn with the aim of undertaking exams, for assistance with school programs or purely for enjoyment, we can assist you with any path you choose.

It is often understood that music lessons are especially helpful for development in childhood education. These benefits are not limited to children however, as studies of groups from children to seniors show the same improvements can benefit people of any age.

We currently have music lessons available for:
Availability is subject to that of each individual teacher, but we do have waiting lists available for other instruments and days of the week if required.